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Miller Estate Liquidators offers complete estate sales, clean-out, and downsizing. We consult clients regarding their requirements and provide custom solutions to handle various issues that arise during moving and sale of property.

There is a middle ground between the seller making money and the buyer getting a deal. That's where our expertise comes in. For each situation, we offer a tailor-made sale to fit the needs of our clients.

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We believe in putting our customers first

We treat every client and their belongings with utmost respect. We believe that happy buyers buy more, and we are committed to your happiness.


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Dear Mrs. Holland:

I wish to congratulate you on your decision to branch out and have your own company. 

There is no question in my mind that you will indeed enjoy much success.

When I engaged your services to hold my estate sale, I had no idea that I was securing the services of one of the best in the business. You handled my sale from start to finish with a professionalism that is rare today. Every part of the process, from our initial interview, the staging, the advice, to the final sale and cleanup was done in the best possible fashion. Your integrity was evident throughout the entire event and you were able to accomplish this with very short notice.

 I would not hesitate to engage your services, should the need arise, and I would without any doubt or hesitation recommend you and your services to anyone who would have need of your services I would be most happy to receive any requests for recommendations on your behalf.

I wish you great success in your new company.


Barbara Berry

Miller Estate Liquidators managed my Estate sale. I lived in an upscale condominium with strict rules and regulations. The sale was advertised successfully and professionally and the turnout was excellent! There were no problems. Her staff was well received and gave excellent service. Other companies refused to bend on some requirements we had but Brenda; the owner and lead liquidator; put our needs first and we are very happy with the results.

J. Edwards

Brenda liquidated my late husband's estate in 2018. It was a challenging sale because it had to be held in my husband's workshop / garage. Another liquidation company started and then canceled because of the challenges. Brenda came in with her staff and gave us an excellent sale! She far exceeded our expectations and I highly recommend her.

Lee T.

My roommate and I needed an estate sale but another company refused because my cat would be in the bathroom during the sale. Brenda and her team had no problems with my cat and actually looked after her! Brenda is a professional with a kind heart who actually cares about her clients. Our home was a beachside condo with security. Brenda provided doormen to escort each client to our home and to assist with loading the furniture for the buyers. All in all, it was a profitable and stress free sale.

Theo K.

My Mom needed an estate sale and was very leery about opening her home to a complete stranger. Brenda put her at ease. By the end of the sale ( which was very successful! ), my Mom, our family and Brenda were all hugging each other. Brenda showed patience and compassion with my Mom and her concerns and we requested the opportunity to promote her and her business.

Robyn B.

A client for the law firm I work for, needed an estate sale. The home was filled with high end antiques and was quite dirty from the family long haired dog. Brenda's team came in and cleaned everything. The sale was a huge success. Brenda found personal financial documents and made sure to secure them for us. She is not only honest but a very hard worker, as well.

E. E.

As a wealth management firm in NY, many of our clients are in Florida. One such client in Boca passed and the out of state family needed the condo cleaned out within 24 hours. Brenda and her team came in, coordinated with the condo association and not only cleaned everything out, they also assisted us in getting some extra time so the family could get to Florida to collect some of the family heirlooms. Brenda found money that our client had hidden in her furniture. She could have pocketed it but instead, she turned it over to the family. We appreciated her honesty and integrity.

S. V.


With Miller Estate Liquidators your estate sales are made convenient and easy.