What do I do to prepare for a sale?

We ask you to focus on removing personal items and things you’d like to keep, and then leave the rest for us to handle. If any personal items are left, such as family photos or financial documents, our team will collect these items and box them up for you before the sale. We ask you not to pack or organize items – leaving items where they have lived allows our staff ample time to stage and price your goods.

I have items I don’t think you’ll want to sell - what should I do with them?

We will attempt to sell every item in your house, from fine art to bath towels. Clients lose a lot of potential earnings by giving away or disposing of lower ticket goods before a sale – you will be surprised at how much revenue all of these lesser items will bring.

How do you price items?

Our staff comprises a team of trained individuals with in-depth industry experience, which means that your items will be researched and priced by qualified professionals with extensive market knowledge. We consult several online subscription databases and draw from our professional experience in order to price your items for the greatest possible financial outcome. We also have the added advantage of access to an extensively educated auction house staff that can review anything in a home.

How far in advance do I have to book a sale at my home?

The sale process takes approximately 10-14 days from the time that we first enter your home until the last item is removed. We prefer to schedule sales well in advance due to our full calendar, but we can often provide quick turnaround in dire situations. Our goal is to provide you the service you need, so we will go out of our way to get you on our sale schedule.

Do you sell fine jewelry and silver?

Absolutely. We provide locking display cases that are always manned by a trained sales professional, so you can feel comfortable entrusting us to sell your fine jewelry, silver, and other small objects of high value. Specialty items are also advertised online to access a global market

When will I be paid?

For our local clients, cash or a business check will be given to you within 24 hours. For our non-local clients, a business check will be mailed out the following Monday.

How do I know what has sold and what has been donated after the sale?

We will give you a computerized list of everything that sells for over $30 and we will go over anything that hasn't sold and several options available to you.

How do you market your estate sales?

Our most powerful marketing tool is our email and social media subscriber list which numbers over 4,000 names – these are all self-subscribers, not purchased addresses, which means you have thousands of interested parties reviewing your sale. Each estate sale will have a dedicated email and social media campaign designed by our on-staff marketing professional. Additionally, every sale is listed on EstateSales.net, EstateSales.org, GSLR.com and more, with a description of your sale and professionally edited, color photos. Physical signage is posted where allowed and online maps are provided to direct buyers to your sale.

I am a real estate agent with a client that needs to have an estate sale. What should I do?

We love working with real estate agents to help serve their clients. Please contact us so we can help work out a customized solution to suit your needs.

Do you only liquidate conventional, residential homes?

No. We will liquidate commercial property contents as well as storage lockers, barns, garages, boats, automobiles and various other types of machinery or livestock.